Shorts Sherpa 330 Aircraft

We flew a Shorts Sherpa 330 Aircraft with a crew of 2, who have extensive worldwide flying experience. Our route was from Nairobi/Wilson Airport to Chicago, USA, via Entebbe, Uganda, Accra, Ghana, Cape Verde Islands, Barbados, and Miami. 
The entire trip was hand-flown without autopilot. Our aircraft was equipped with multiple GPS systems, worldwide Jeppesen charts and maps, temporary HF Radio installation, a Satellite phone, as well as all necessary survival equipment. The Shorts 330 Sherpa, when properly tanked by us, appears with 6 x 1000 litres ferry tanks. These include proper heavy-duty brass hydraulic valves and fittings, aviation fuel pumps with 2 backups, filters, and other necessary equipment. Additionally, there is a tow-bar (40 kg) strapped on top of the ferry tanks, which is essential at some airports along the route.

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